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I like my computer, how can I upgrade it?

I get asked that question several times daily and my simple answer is to add more memory. With a little memory in your computer, it functions like a child, only able to do one instruction at a time. Adding more memory allows you to give it more instructions, therefore allowing your computer to run faster.Tell Me More

What You Need To Know

By having your computer properly cleaned at least 3 times per year to remove harmful dust and dirt, the life of your computer will double, thus saving you hundereds of dollars.

What We Do

It is a fact that your computer will break down eventually without attention, and it is our duty to prevent a disastrous situation. Our technicians use special diagnostic software and tools that let them know what parts of your computer are about to malfunction before it occurs. These tests are vital for early detection and prevention of computer malfunction.

Our Promise

We guarantee quality on-site service!





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